With the Holded Catalog you can offer your customers the possibility to buy your products online in a personalized way. Configure the products you want to display in the catalog and assign the tariff that corresponds to each customer. When your customer places an order you will receive it directly into your Holded account and your customers will be able to track the status of the order in real time without having to do anything.

Catalogo Holded

Display products on your catalog

Choose which products you want to display in your Catalog. Create custom attributes of the products and these will be displayed as filters in your catalog so your customers find what they want easily.

Show products on your catalog
Give access to your clients

Give access to your customers

Activate the catalog only to the customers you want. Securize the access to the clients activating a user and password and personalizes the rates of each client assigning them the rate that you want. Send the access to the catalog individually or massively in just 1 click.

Allow your customers to order online

Your customers can buy your products through the catalog with the online store experience. Just add the products you want to the shopping cart and create the order.

Sell your products online
Manage your orders directly from Holded

Receive and process orders in your account

When your customers place orders through the catalog, you will receive them directly into your Holded Account as a Sales Order and you can process it as you wish. In addition, your customers will be able to track their order status from their catalog.

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