In the Holded calendar you can see everything that happens in your business at any given time. You can also filter by the type of event and see only what you want or need. You can also create events, invite members of your team or notify other participants.

Holded Calendar

Add your events

Create calendar events, add a location with a desired duration and invite members of your team or any contact you have in Holded. You can schedule an alert so that the participants of the event receive the moment you decide and make sure that everyone attends.

Add events
Visualiza toda tu actividad

Track your activity

In the Holded calendar you can view everything from creating invoices, due dates to approving a budget or a programmed activity with a client. You can also filter by event type to display only what you need.

Integrate it with your calendar

Integrate the Holded calendar with your google calendar, and with other calendars to get the information you want in the app you already use. If you do not find the integration you need, please tell our support team.

Integrate your calendar

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